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Who are we?

Well, the easy answer is that we’re Track ASINS. But that doesn’t begin to really scratch the surface of who we are as a company and as individuals.

The longer answer to that question?

For starters, we’re a group of unabashed software geeks that love tinkering around and constantly developing the eCommerce tools that we would like to use within our own businesses. From that love of tinkering and a healthy respect for higher sales numbers within the space, we continue to push the envelope, creating the things we wish were available elsewhere.

We call what we do a passion, though some have said we’re a bit obsessed. But we don’t mind.

It’s true, as active members of within the space, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our software and provide something that we would want to use to everyone else, as we actively welcome feedback from everyone that shares the industry with us.

Seriously, we love that part. Emails and messages from other sellers letting us know what they think we can do better is our favorite part of developing.

Yes, that is a welcome invitation to let us know what you think and how we can improve as that’s part of the fun of developing tools for everyone.

That said, to us, being able to understand the challenges facing third party sellers firsthand and being passionate enough to spend the time needed to improve is simply what it takes to be a part of the eCommerce community.

So, call us obsessed, call us passionate, or call us geeks, we simply call ourselves Track ASINS